New Expedition - Observatory

After going back and forth on the idea of hosting my astronomy whole unit, myself have finally decided, for a number of reasons back in the Gibraltar, building a new      observatory, in Spain. After a few attends in different sites, I decided to build it in the mountain of Istan, Southern Spain

The observatory would be an off the shelf fully automated observatory. I am not an all technical geek, but  have knowledge about astrophysics and craftsmanship.

History of My Dome

I  always wanted to build an observatory. In fact without believing  in the project I would have never have started or finished. I decided on the Pulsar Dome given that it provided all in one solution have, previously I made a self roof-off  observatory from a shed, but it would not work due amount of condensation. The rough time line of the construction of the IMT observatories are as follows:

August 2015            Start of my first permeance Pie without an observatory
October 2015            AS 1100 Goto mount (25 Kilos)
March 2018            Self made Roof-Off Observatory structure completed - New Site
Aug  2019            Takahashi  10″ fitted, First Light
May 2020            10micron 2000 Upgrade completed - third new site
June 2020            New Dome -Pulsar 2.2M
Setp 2020            New 10" telescope - Officina Stallar
February 2021            Automatization of Dome session using SGP software
June 2021            Hire a Static IP address
June 2021            Dragonfly Relay and AAG Solo Rain Sensor and Lunatico Wind meter
September 2021    Total remote Observatory

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