Permanent Pier

In the past two months I been constructing a permanent pier with the sole propose of minimize in-balancing and increase stability. Securing the pier is the most important part in the construction, having a permanent pier should give you the confidence to incorporated the mount, telescope and all its accessories including the counter weights.
The Image on the left show the amount of kilos of cement used to secure the base of the pier with 4 bolts 1 foot length with a 'L' shape incorporated inside the wet cement. I also inserted 2 tubes which later I inserted electricity cables.

The above images shows the 8" diameter steel pier already bolted down and balanced, the two tubes are inside the pier this will ensure dryness and is separated from the PC (USB) cables to avoid electromagnetic interference.

The left image shows the upper section which goes on top of the pier top flange, Its produced by Hans Pier flanges and will connecting with the pier's flange to the Astro-Physic Mount 1100GTO.

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