GM2000 Mount -10Micron 

This is the latest addition to my Equipment, Its the 10Micron GM2000 that is replacing my old AP1100Goto. It has a payload capacity of 55Kilos a bit better then the AP and with encodes on both axis RA & DEC.

Dome - New Setup

New Pier 

First Setup -10Micron 1000

FLI Profile 16803

QSI 632wsg-CCD Camera. Starlight Xpress  M25C, H964 Mono, Takahashi 106ED (Q), APM 130/1200, Celestron 9.25" EDGE HD and other smaller scope. Astr-Physics 1100GTO,
EQ6 pro German Equatorial Mount

The QSI 632wsg camera mounted on a Celestron  9.25" Delex CDC telescope and EQ6 Pro German Equatorial mount. The cabling  consist of AC power cord and a dual HDMI cable is the only connections between the monitor table and the telescope. The unit is mounted on the Tripod at the top. This reduced significantly the amount of cables between the table and the telescope. The mount power supply and 12 V power supply is in plastic boxes on the bottom of the telescope.

The setup with a Windows 7 laptop computer took a lot of time to cable up the telescope to the table with the Windows 7 laptop computer and power supplies.

  • The QSI 632wsg-CCD camera is a cooled camera used for astrophotography imaging.
    • Filter wheel
      • Position 1-4 Astrodon 5nm LRGB
      • Position 5 Astrodon 5nm Ha
      • Position 6 Astrodon 5nm OIII
      • Position 7 Astrodon 5nm SII
      • Position 
  • QSI 632wsg-CCD Camera Specifications
  • The QSI 632wsgCCD Camera uses a Kodak KAF-3200ME CCD sensor that is optimize for scientific measurements with its linear response.
  • The camera has very high quantum efficiency (PDF) using Kodak Enhanced Spectral Response and Microlens technology.
    • Kodak KAF-3200ME (PDF data sheet) Full Frame CCD sensor
    • CCD sensor size 14.85mm x 10.26mm
    • 6.8µm × 6.8µm pixel size
    • 2184 x 1472 active pixel array (3,214,848 total pixels)
    • 16-bit A/D conversion
    • Thermoelectric cooling
    • USB 2 interface to computer
    • QSI Manual and documentation web page
QSI 632wsg Camera Performance


The astrophotographers see in the FSQ-106ED one of the best astrographes available for the amateur astronomers. With its focal length of 530mm, an image circle of 88mm and a photographic field of 9,5°, it acts as teleobjective for most powerful CCD and DSR/DSLR cameras of the market.
Based on a Petzval quadruplet optical design with apochromatic ED glasses, the FSQ-106ED is optimized for wide-field imaging of the deep sky. It offers a flat field, and comes equiped with a built-in camera angle adjuster and an oversized rack-and-pinion focuser. To minimize the size of the optical tube, it includes a retractable dewshield and an important backfocus.

Takahashi 106ed

  • Takahashi 250
  • F/5
  • Reducer 

  • Celestron HD 925
  • f/10 configuration
    • 235 mm (9.25") aperture
    • 2350mm focal length
    • f/10 focal ratio
  • f/6.2 configuration
    • Optec, Inc Lepus 0.62X telecompressor with 19392-67 T-thread mounting adapter
    • 1457mm focal length
    • f/6.2 focal ratio
    • The Field of view 35.04 x 23.62 arcmin
    • Image scale 0.96 arcsec/pix.
    • The aluminum tray on the front of the HD 925 is for holding the flat field panel (Spike-aTM Flat Fielder).
  • Kendrick Astro Instruments Dew remover system
  • 50 mm visual finder with 1X finder mounted on its side
    • Nixon 60A camera
    • T-ring to Nikon lens adapter
    • 20 mm T-ring tube
    • 2 mm T-ring spacer
    • 20 mm T-ring holder
    • Low profile T-ring to DSI Pro III adapter
    • Adjustable camera mount

  • Guide camera is Starlight Xpress Lodstar x2
  • Guiding software is  Maxim DL 6
  • Guiding telescope is Takahashi 60mm
    • 60mm f/5.8 ED,
    • 350 mm focal length

Telescope Mount
  • Astro-Physics 1100GTO German Equatorial Mount (1100GTO)
    • Astro-Physics DOVELM2 8.5" Dovetail for Losmandy D Series Plate
    • Astro-Physics 1200RPA Precision-Adjust Rotating Pier Adapter with Azimuth Bearing
    • Astro-Physics 10X48P Pier for 1200 Mount
    • Astro-Physics PS15V10AC 15 VOLT - 10 AMP Load Regulated Power Supply
    • Astro-Physics 18SCWT 18 lb. and 5SCWT 5 lb. counterweights
  • Astro-Physics GTOCP3 Control Box

Orion Optics - AG12" - F3.8 (Massives Scope)
Celestron 9.25" Deluxe HD F10

Planets Webcam - Celestron Skyris 248C

Celestron Guider Scope

                      Borg 77ED-II f4.3