SkyTools SNR- Exposure Time Software

SkyTools 3 is a self contained software which main propose is for astro-planning with a big difference that it has an excellent SNR calculations that will in turn calculate the correct exposure time of an imaging session, thanks to it large database of objects you will not miss out any of your favourite objects. 

The program is expensive but more user-friendly program, which can be learned fairly quickly. It generates better observing lists and very good viewing charts. It can also generate monthly planners, lists of special events, and ephemerides. 

It can be used by beginners but is more directed toward advanced amateurs and possibly some professionals who can take the time to master it. If you want something for quick and comprehensive planning of a night’s observing session, nice observing charts, with a good assessment of object difficulty, and you don’t mind spending the extra money, SkyTools is an excellent choice. If you have need for more specialized catalogs, want close integration with a planetarium program such as SkyCharts, you will have to pay for it. You can use ASCOM telescope and device control.

The CCD specifications, Dark Sky reading of your location, your location parameters, every filters nm readings, your date & time.

The benefits that you can quickly estimate the correct exposure time in your location, and use it with different filters and seeing conditions avoids you spending time wasting time in experimenting on what exposure time is better for the imaging you are taking.

SkyTools.pdf -  Press here to a PDF SkyTool instruction.

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