All My Equipment Piece by Piece


  1. RoboFocus Installation to a Takahashi 106ed
  2. Starlight Xpress 7 x filterholder FilterWheel
  3. QSI water cooler
  4. Cover Structure to Protect Set-Up
  5. Building an Imaging Train - QSI camera to a reducer to the Takahashi 106ed telescope
  6. Takahashi CCA250 - Setup
  7. Takahashi Focuser removed and replaced.

7. Changing the Takahahsi Focuser with an FLI Atlas

6.   Takahashi CCA 250

Accessory for the CCA250

Extension to connect to the Reducer from the FW C5-7  FLI

Takahashi Adaptors

Takasashi CCA 250 -Reducer 0.72x 

The Guider Scope Takahashi 60mm
The small visual scope on the right side

5.  Camera - QSI632

  • QSI 632 interegated Filterwheel x7, OAG
  • Made to measure OAG focuser 
  • Water Cooler Unit at rear end of the CCD

Next is the reduce 0.73x

A Preciseparts extension tube to reach the Back Focus Distnace

All the parts jointed togather

4. Professional all weather cover from 'Kover-It


RoboFocus for the Takahashi 106ed (Q)

This is the entire set

 The Belt is not used in this case for the Tak 106
 These are extre brackets in case the standard 'black' bracket cannot be used for this scope.
 This standard bracket, it comes with extre long screws, which replace the two screws that comes with the Tak (under the focuser knots).
 The motor

The Control Unit with a 12v cable power supply

Two RS232 cables, one connects to the Motor and the other to the PC

Assembling all to the Telescope

 Change to top two screws and replace with the two provided by Robofocus (see below)


Starlight Xpress FilterWheel 7 holders disk.

This new USB filter wheel does not require a separate power supply when used with a USB cable to the PC, the DC gear motor runs entirely from the USB supply. The cover wheel can host 50mm and 32.5mm filters (5 or 7 respectably). The screwing of the filters are very simple, just uplift the wheel disk and screw them from the bottom.

This model has an internal 5 position 2 inch filter holder. Connections SCT- female input & T- male output.

The carousal can be easly removed from the base, and filters are srcrew under the disk and not on top of the disk.

The side of the wheel, you will noticed two female adapters. The USB B adapter will connected to the CCD camera, and the telephone adaptor can connect to the mount.

QSI Water Cooler

QSI water cooler unit works with a normal aquarium pump. The pump can be purchased from eBay for example

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